Mission Statement

The mission of the Credit Insurers Association, Inc. is to provide a forum for executives and administrators of credit insurance companies to address opportunities, problems and innovations common to this particular type of insurance and which are of interest to the group as a whole, in our quest as individual member companies, to provide a valuable service to our policyholders and their families and a fair return to our stockholders..

To this end we shall provide meetings to promote communications and dialogue between the member companies, regulatory officials and invited guests.

This association does not promote itself as a spokesperson for the industry, but does reserve the right and responsibility, in accordance with its mission, to support and defend the industry in causes which are of vital interest to its membership.

Slate of Officers

The current CIA team

History of CIA

Credit Insurers Association, Inc., a non-profit trade association, was formed in February 1975 by 22 life companies.The purpose of the Association:

01. To promote dialogue between executives of credit insurance companies.
02. To encourage innovations in credit insurance administration.
03. To develop rapport between members of the Association and insurance regulatory officials.

In October 1998, by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, a new category of membership (associate members) was allowed to join and participate in the association. Membership was also opened to associates. Fees for members and associates are assessed annually. There is a fee for members and associates and their guests to attend each meeting. Each member company is represented by its own appointee on the Board of Directors of the Association. To pursue our purposes, we hold two meetings each year.